Replacement ABS Actuator

Announcement For Lexus NX200/NX200t Owners

Abdul Latif Jameel Co. Ltd would like to inform owners of Lexus NX200/NX200t of a Special Service Campaign on their vehicles to replace ABS actuator with a new one depending on the inspection result. Due to the improper shape of a component inside the ABS actuator, there is a possibility that a resin component could be damaged during its press fitting assembly, creating minute resin fragment(s) which could become stuck in the actuator.  If this occurs, the oil pressure control may be delayed when the Anti-Lock Brakes are activated, causing a loss of vehicle stability.   



Vehicles involved in Saudi Market:


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To check if your car is included in this campaign, kindly enter the Chassis Number, which you can find on the Driver side door panel or in the Estimara of your car.